Frequently Asked Questions

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On-campus Study: We have courses commencing monthly, please follow the link to view our upcoming course dates.

Blended Study & Distance Education: As this is a self-paced course, students are able to commence their studies at a time most suitable for them

It is expected that all candidates have proficiency in reading, writing and speaking English, that would be achieved through completing formal schooling or through previous employment.

Students who have not completed a Year 12 or above level of education will be identified prior to enrolment or during the enrolment process. In these cases, a non-intrusive questionnaire will need to be completed to assess a student’s suitability into their chosen course. In most cases, any required support can be provided internally. Our Head Trainer will review all completed questionnaires to assess and decide on the candidate’s suitability for entry into the course.

Student experience

The vast majority of the students that enrol have many years’ experience within the fitness industry, have memberships at gyms, already work with existing personal trainers, and so on. However, if you do not have experience we will provide addition training.

Students are not to required to have any prior experience or fitness before commencing their studies.

On-campus Study

The course is structured flexibly and can take up to 12 months to complete. The on-campus course includes a compulsory non-flexible face to face component of 24 full days attendance at the HPC training facility (or equivalent visits equalling 182 hours). The pace of progress is dependent on each individual’s circumstances such as work and family commitments and their existing knowledge and skills in some or all of the units they are studying. Some people learn more quickly than others or have previous experience in this field and may achieve outcomes sooner. Regardless of the pace of progression, all students must attend a minimum of 24 days (or equivalent visits equalling 182 hours) at HPC’s training centre. All students have 12 months to complete their course.

Blended Study

Human Performance Centre’s Blended Study option is self paced online study with on-campus practical training assessments. A “Blended” student is required to attend HPC’s training facility for the practical training outlined in the ‘Practical Assessment Completion Form’ . All students have 12 months to complete their course.

Distance Education

Human Performance Centre’s Distance Education option provides the Student with the opportunity to complete the theory component of their course online while being able to attend lessons with our Lecturers via HPC’s Virtual Classroom. The student will also be required to complete 50 hours of practical experience under the guidance of a Certificate IV in Fitness qualified mentor in an approved facility. A “Distance Education” student is required to complete the required assessments for the practical training outlined in the ‘Practical Assessment Completion Form’ under the guidance of their mentor.

HPC offers both a On-campus, Blended Study and Distance Education delivery methods.

A certificate III & IV in Fitness opens the doors to many possibilities in the industry, our graduates can see themselves running their own successful Personal Training business to working in Management.

Yes, if students would like to use their qualifications over sea’s, they are required to register with the Fitness organisation within that country. For more information please visit ICREP’s

Once assessments have been submitted, our Assessments Team will review your submission and contact you with any amendments that are required.

Yes, Priority Marking is available to our students for $100

Student Support is available 7 days a week during 8am-4pm
Assessment Support is available 5 days a week, Monday – Friday from 8am-4pm
Please note, Public Holidays and standard Christmas Closure times excluded

Students can upload their assessments via their online student portal, visit: Assessment Submission you must be logged in to access the page.

Alternatively, students can submit their assessments via USB and/or email to

Students are assessed via theory based work and practical hands on work.

Students can provide payment for their course via Direct Debit Bank Transfer or via one of our PaySmart Payment Plans.

There is no age limit on studying to become a professional within the fitness industry. Our courses see a great diversity in students commence their studies, from young to mature aged, everyone can succeed as a Personal Trainer

On-campus Study: No, your package is fully inclusive of everything you need

Blended Study: No, your package is fully inclusive of everything you need

Please note, students may be required to purchase hand wraps for their Boxing for Fitness course if they do not already own a pair

Students who choose a Blended method of study will have all their resources provided to them via their Student Portal- no text books are required.

Students who choose a Blended study method will be required to complete the first 10 modules of the theory component before starting prac.

Distance Education

Once all of your online paperwork has been approved, a member of our team will grant you access to your Student Portal. Once logged in, you will find all your theory-based components.
You will need to complete 50 hours of work placement within 12 months of enrolling in the SIS30315 Certificate III & SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness.
If you’re unable to find a placement location, HPC will find a suitable facility to undertake your practical placement and will endeavour to source a facilities within the metropolitan boundaries of your capital city. We will make all reasonable effort to provide a practical placement facility that is close to your location. However, this is not always possible, and students should be prepared for some travel if a practical placement facility is not available close by.

You can find a Mentor through any of your local gyms or sporting complexes. If you require some assistance with find one, please contact one of our friendly Course Coordinators

A mentor is to supervise and sign off on the skills outlined in the Practical Placement logbook. The mentor must hold a valid Certificate IV in Fitness and have current industry experience. Please note, that you will need to obtain a copy of the Certificate IV in Fitness for every mentor that signs off your practical hours.

Yes it sure will! No matter which method of study you select you will walk away with the exact same qualification.

Your class recording will be available for 24 hours after the scheduled filming time.